Georgia increases imports of Brazilian meat

Georgia increases imports of Brazilian meat

Georgia will increase imports of Brazilian meat in 2023 and 2024. According to National Statistics Service of Georgia, the country has shown significant growth in imports of meat and meat by-products from Brazil through 2023. The total amount of imports of this product category amounted to $81.6 million USA, which is 42% of the total and is the highest compared to previous years.

For comparison, in 2022, meat worth $57.5 million was imported from Brazil to Georgia, in 2021 – $36.7 million, and in 2020 – $33.8 million. This significant increase shows the growing demand of the Georgian market for Brazilian meat.

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It is noted that the total volume of imports of meat and meat by-products to Georgia in 2023 amounted to $193.2 million, which is also a record figure in recent years.

Top 5 countries exporting meat and offal to Georgia in 2023:

  1. Brazil: $81.6 million (42%)
  2. China: $18.4 million (9.5%)
  3. Turkey: $17.8 million (9.2%)
  4. Ukraine: $12.7 million (6.5%)
  5. The Netherlands: $11.8 million (6.1%)

These figures indicate a growing diversity of sources of meat imports into Georgia and a focus on Brazilian supplies as the most significant supplier.

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