The largest collection of postcards by Amiran Gujabidze

The largest collection of postcards by Amiran Gujabidze

The largest collection of postcards in the World by Amiran Gudzhabidze and the project is a virtual archive – an antique postcard shop that stores not only images, but also part of the history of Georgia and the Caucasus. This project was made possible thanks to the efforts of many people who not only digitized and systematized the collection, but also made it accessible to anyone interested in this part of the heritage. But the main place in the creation of this priceless collection was occupied by its author – Amiran Gujabidze.

For many people, postcards provide a window into the past, allowing them to see what places, cities and events were like during different periods of history. Project opens up the opportunity not only to view and study these postcards, but also to purchase their digital copies or even original antique samples in order to preserve their beauty and uniqueness.

Postcard store

In addition, an important aspect of the project is the possibility of interaction between collectors and researchers. Owners of antique postcard collections can offer their copies for sale or exchange, which helps enrich the collections of all participants and preserve the cultural heritage of many countries and eras.

Amiran Gujabidze's collection of antique postcards has become the largest in the world

Amiran Gujabidze is a man who is selflessly in love with his Motherland. He studied the history of Georgia in depth, walking along its roads in all directions. This helped him better understand the country as you can see it in his postcard collection. Many years ago, he began collecting the first copies dedicated to his Motherland, its sights and traditions, in order to contribute to the study of Georgia, its culture and ethnography.

Over a quarter of a century, Amiran Gudzhabidze’s collection of old postcards has become the largest in the world. These antique postcards reflect the history, traditions, beauty and unique flavor of the Caucasus and Georgia.

Museums in Tbilisi and Batumi often exhibited parts of Amiran's collection for public viewing. And the collector himself was repeatedly noted for his outstanding contribution to the history of Georgia. His collection, often supplemented by his own photographs from century-old postcard scenes, has helped in the restoration of many historic homes dating back centuries.

Love of travel

Amiran Gujabidze's love of travel

Amiran was a talented photographer with a passion for landscape and architectural photography. He traveled to many countries, collecting his postcard collection and taking photographs, but always loved returning to his native Georgia, where, according to him, “freedom is felt in every corner of it”.

Home and family

Amiran Gujabidze

Amiran lived in a cozy house in Tbilisi, the walls of which were decorated with his photographs of views of Georgia. His passion for collecting was not limited to just acquiring – he himself created postcards, printing his works on them.

He dreamed of creating a permanent exhibition of postcards in Tbilisi. But the creators of the project went further, and its postcards can now be seen by people from all over the world!

An indelible contribution and a farewell chord

Famous Georgian collector Amiran Gudzhabidze

Human life is not eternal, and in 2023 Amiran Gujabidze left our world. His love for Georgia will always remain in the memory of those who knew this outstanding man. The impressive collection of postcards he created will live on, telling the story of Georgia in its colorful diversity.

This is the story of Amiran Gujabidze – collector, photographer and person whose love for his homeland left its indelible mark on the hearts of many people!