The best pediatrician in Batumi

The best pediatrician in Batumi

The best pediatrician in Batumi is located in the pediatrics department at the Sagittarius clinic in Batumi. Here, among the professionals, there are doctors who are truly devoted to their calling, and among them are two outstanding representatives - Dr. Malkhaz Eliashvili and a doctor Jamilla Minjia. You can make an appointment with a pediatrician in Batumi by phone 557779797.

Ekaterina Gvarishvili

Director of the Clinic, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences

Clinic contacts:

Registry: 577 77 97 97

Electronic recording

Address: 91 Gorgiladze Street, Batumi

Pediatrician Malkhaz Eliashvili

Malkhaz Eliashvili is one of the best pediatric doctors in Batumi

Dr Malkhaz Eliashviliврач педиатр с 30-летним стажем. Он – не просто врач, он настоящий строитель здоровья будущего поколения. Его профессиональный опыт не знает границ, и он смог заслужить доверие пациентов не только благодаря своему опыту, но и открытости к инновациям в медицине.

Dr. Eliashvili actively participates in various medical television shows, sharing his experience and knowledge with a wide audience throughout Georgia. His popularity on such television shows speaks to his commitment to sharing important information and promoting children's health care.

An expert in his field, Dr. Malkhaz Eliashvili is considered one of the leading pediatricians in Batumi. His treatment methods and approach to children invariably evoke admiration from both colleagues and parents.

Pediatrician Jamila Mingia

Pediatrician Jamila Mingia – 36 years of caring for children

Pediatrician in Batumi Jamila Minjia – a doctor with 36 years of experience. She devoted her professional life to children's health, and her contribution to this area is difficult to overestimate. Dr. Mingia graduated from the prestigious St. Petersburg Pediatric Institute, which underlines the highest level of her training.

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Her 36 years of practical experience is the basis for her impeccable competence in the field of pediatrics. Jamila is the embodiment of professionalism and care for young patients.

Pediatric treatment in Batumi

Pediatrics deals with the health of children, and there are many different problems that pediatricians may encounter. Below is a list of some of the main pediatric problems:

Treatment of ARVI in children in Batumi

Viral and bacterial infections such as ARVI (acute respiratory viral infection), influenza, bronchitis and pneumonia. It is important to note that ARVI can be caused by different viruses, and their symptoms can vary significantly. Here are a few main types:

  1. Treatment of Flu in children in Batumi:
    • Caused by influenza viruses type A, B or C.
    • Symptoms include high fever, chills, muscle pain, headache, and weakness.
    • Flu can be especially serious in children, so vaccination is important to prevent the disease.
  2. Treatment of ARVI:
    • Includes various viruses such as rhinoviruses, coronaviruses, adenoviruses, etc.
    • Symptoms can range from a runny nose and cough to a sore throat and weakness.
  3. Treatment of bronchitis in children:
    • Inflammation of the bronchi, which can be caused by both viruses and bacteria.
    • Symptoms include cough, difficulty breathing, and some children may experience fatigue.
  4. Treatment of pneumonia in Batumi:
    • Inflammation of the lungs, most often caused by a bacterial infection, but can also be viral.
    • Symptoms may include fever, cough with phlegm, and difficulty breathing.

Treatment of allergies in children in Batumi

Treatment of allergic reactions to food, allergies from environmental allergens, allergic rhinitis, asthma. Allergen tests in Batumi.

Vaccination and protection against infections in Batumi:

Vaccination plans, providing protection against infections and diseases, childhood vaccinations in Batumi.

Treatment of pediatric ENT diseases in Batumi

In the city of Batumi, treatment of children's ENT diseases is provided by specialists in the field of pediatrics and otolaryngology (ENT). Pediatricians at the Sagittarius Clinic specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to the organs of hearing, nose, throat and head.

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Examples of pediatric ENT diseases that may require treatment in Batumi:

  1. Inflammation of the middle ear (otitis media):
    • Treatment may include antibiotics for bacterial infection, as well as symptomatic relief of pain and inflammation.
  2. Treatment of adenoiditis and adenotomy in Batumi:
    • Inflamed adenoids may require conservative treatment, such as topical antiseptics, and in some cases, removal of the adenoids (adenotomy) may be necessary.
  3. Tonsillitis in children:
    • Treatment for tonsil inflammation may include antibiotics, antiseptic washes, and, in rare cases, surgical removal of the tonsils.
  4. Rhinitis and sinusitis:
    • Decongestants, antibiotics, topical antiseptics, and other anti-inflammatory agents can be used to treat inflammation of the nasal mucosa and sinuses.
  5. Hearing diseases:
    • Treatment may include correction of hearing abnormalities, use of hearing aids, or other methods depending on the specific diagnosis.

At the Sagittarius Clinic in Batumi you will find not only dedicated doctors, but also a team that cares about your child’s health, striving to provide him with a bright and healthy future. You can make an appointment with a pediatrician in Batumi by phone 557779797.