Transfers from Russia to Georgia decreased by 5 times

Transfers from Russia to Georgia decreased by 5 times

The volume of remittances from Russia in December decreased by 5 times. In December 2023, the largest amount of transfers in the amount of $70.58 million came from Russia, however, compared with the amount of transfers for the same period in 2022 ($317.3 million), it decreased by 4.5 times. Additionally, in December 2021, before Russia invaded Ukraine, $39.7 million was sent from Russia to Georgia.

Total amount of remittances to Georgia

The total amount of remittances received in Georgia in December last year was 308.3 million US dollars (828.1 million lari). According to the data National Bank of Georgia, compared to the same period last year, remittances decreased by 42.4% ($227.0 million), mainly due to a decrease in remittances from Russia.

The amount of remittances from Italy to Georgia is growing

In December 2023, after Russia, the largest amount, $49.68 million, was transferred from Italy. For the same period in 2022, the figure was $43.2 million.

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Italy is followed by the United States of America. In December, $46.19 million was transferred from the United States to Georgia. Compared to the same period in 2022, remittances from the United States increased by $11.89 million.

Money transfers to Georgia from different countries

Из Греции мы получили 22,65 миллиона долларов, из Германии21,57 миллиона долларов, из Израиля20,92 миллиона долларов, из Казахстана14,79 миллиона долларов, из Турции8 миллионов долларов.

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В декабре 2023 года из Грузии было отправлено за границу 34 миллиона долларов (91,4 миллиона лари), что на 0,6% больше аналогичного показателя декабря 2022 года (33,8 миллиона долларов). Наибольшую сумму было перечислено в Турцию6,8 миллиона долларов. За Турцией следует Российская Федерация, куда из Грузии поступило 6,6 миллиона долларов, в Азербайджан3,5 миллиона долларов, в Украину2,4 миллиона долларов.