Tests in Batumi - laboratory tests

Tests in Batumi - laboratory tests

The Sagittarius Clinic understands the importance of a wide range of laboratory tests. Tests in Batumi are important for maintaining your health. Here we will list the most popular tests provided by the Sagittarius clinic.

Laboratory of Cylinics Sagittarius Batumi has a ten-year history. Very competent and attentive laboratory specialists will ensure quality and comfort when taking tests. The Sagittarius Clinic is renowned for its exceptional patient care and international accreditation. Telephone number for making an appointment for tests in Batumi: 557779797.

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General blood test in Batumi

A general blood test in Batumi is an integral part of laboratory diagnostics, providing detailed information about the composition of the blood and the condition of the patient’s body. This test is a versatile and multifaceted tool that provides clinicians with valuable data for an overall health assessment.

Key components of a complete blood count

  1. Red blood cells and hemoglobin: Assessing the number of red blood cells and their hemoglobin content is necessary to determine the blood's ability to carry oxygen to tissues.
  2. White blood cells: The number of white blood cells indicates the immune status of the body and may indicate the presence of infection or inflammatory processes.
  3. Platelets: These cells are responsible for blood clotting and are important in preventing bleeding and maintaining the integrity of the vascular system.

The importance of a complete blood count

A complete blood count plays a key role in diagnosing a wide range of diseases, including anemia, infections, inflammatory processes and even cancer. Carrying out this test regularly helps you identify potential problems early and take the necessary steps to maintain your health.

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At the Sagittarius Clinic in Batumi, we perform a General Blood Test using modern equipment, providing accurate results and high-quality medical care for our patients.

Tests for COVID-19 in Batumi / IgG/ IgM RAPID TEST

COVID-19 / IgG/IgM RAPID TEST is a fast and effective method for detecting antibodies to the COVID-19 virus in the body. The test is performed using drops of blood and provides results in a short period of time. IgG and IgM antibodies help determine the presence or absence of immunity to the virus, as well as the stage of infection.

Test for Coronavirus in Batumi Coronavirus Ag RAPID TEST

Coronavirus Ag RAPID TEST is a rapid diagnostic test that determines the presence of COVID-19 virus antigens in the body. This test in Batumi is also performed through a drop of blood and provides results within a short time. It is useful for screening and detecting infection, which is especially important in the context of the global fight against a pandemic.

Blood test for red blood cells (erythrocytes) and hemoglobin in Batumi

Оценка уровня красных кровяных клеток и их главного компонентагемоглобинапозволяет определить способность крови транспортировать кислород к клеткам организма. Это важно для выявления анемий, которые могут возникнуть из-за недостатка железа, витаминов или других факторов.

Blood test for white blood cells

Assessing white blood cell levels provides information about the body's immune response. An increase in their number may indicate inflammatory or infectious processes in the body.

Blood test for platelets in Batumi

Platelets are responsible for blood clotting, and their numbers are important in preventing or detecting bleeding and thrombosis.

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A complete blood count is the first step in diagnosing many diseases. It helps in identifying anemia, inflammatory processes, infections and other changes in the body. Performing this test regularly can help identify potential problems early and help maintain optimal health.

General urine test in Batumi

A general urine test in Batumi is an important study that provides information about the condition and functioning of the patient’s urinary system. This analysis includes the assessment of various urine parameters, which makes it an integral tool for diagnosing various diseases and abnormalities.

Urinalysis parameters

  1. Color: Determining the color of urine can indicate the presence of various substances and metabolic products in the body. For example, dark urine may indicate kidney or liver problems.
  2. Density: The density of urine reflects the concentration of solutes. Changes in density may indicate kidney problems or not drinking enough fluids.
  3. Protein: The presence of protein in the urine can be a sign of impaired renal function and indicate various diseases.
  4. Ketones and glucose: Their presence may indicate metabolic problems and, in particular, diabetes.

The value of a general urine test in Batumi

A general urine test is an effective tool for identifying diseases of the kidneys, urinary tract and other conditions of the genitourinary system. This analysis helps doctors identify pathologies early and develop a treatment plan, helping to maintain patient health.

At the Sagittarius Clinic in Batumi, we perform a General Urinalysis using modern equipment, providing accurate and reliable results for our patients.

Determination of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) Test

HbA1c Test is an important test to monitor your blood glucose levels over the past 2-3 months. It is especially important for patients with diabetes, as it allows you to assess the effectiveness of sugar control and prevent possible complications.

Determination of total protein in blood serum

Serum total protein analysis provides information about the overall protein status of the body. This indicator is important for assessing the overall health and effectiveness of nutritional provision.

Blood test for sugar in Batumi

A blood sugar test in Batumi is necessary to diagnose diabetes and monitor the treatment of this disease. The test is also widely used to screen individuals at increased risk of developing diabetes and to monitor blood sugar levels in those already diagnosed.

Accurate results from this test allow doctors to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment, adjust diet, and prevent possible complications associated with imbalanced blood sugar levels. Blood glucose testing is therefore an important tool in maintaining overall health and preventing serious metabolic disorders.

Blood test for total cholesterol in Batumi

This test assesses the level of total cholesterol in the blood, which is an important risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Blood test for creatinine

A serum creatinine test is used to evaluate kidney function. Elevated values ​​may indicate problems with kidney function.

Analysis of quantitative C-reactive protein in blood serum

Determining the level of C-reactive protein is an important indicator of inflammatory processes in the body. This test helps doctors identify and evaluate the degree of inflammation.

Blood test for urea in Batumi

A serum urea test is used to evaluate kidney function and identify kidney problems. This indicator is important for diagnosing and monitoring the condition of the urinary system.

Serum lipid analysis / LIPID PANEL

LIPID PANEL is a comprehensive analysis that includes assessment of levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and lipoproteins of different densities. This test helps assess your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Blood test for high-density lipoprotein (alpha-lipoprotein) cholesterol in the blood

A blood test for high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol is an important component of a complete lipid test. High HDL values ​​are considered beneficial for cardiovascular health. Tests in Batumi at the Sagittarius clinic will help keep your cholesterol normal and monitor your cardiovascular system.

Blood test for low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (beta-lipoprotein)

The Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) Cholesterol blood test is another important component of the LIPID PANEL. Elevated LDL values ​​are associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Blood test for hepatitis B virus (HBsAg marker strip)

The hepatitis B blood test (HBsAg) detects the presence of the virus in the body. This test is important for early diagnosis and monitoring of hepatitis B.

Blood test for hepatitis C antibodies Anti-HCV (Hepatitis C virus strip marker)

Blood test for hepatitis C in Batumi

A blood test for hepatitis C in Batumi is a key diagnostic procedure to detect the presence of antibodies to the hepatitis C virus (Anti-HCV). This is an important study aimed at early diagnosis of infection, which allows timely treatment and management of the disease.

Anti-HCV test

The Anti-HCV test is a highly sensitive test designed to detect antibodies that the body produces in response to exposure to the hepatitis C virus. The procedure involves taking a small sample of blood from the patient, which is then tested for the presence of these antibodies.

The meaning of a blood test for Hepatitis C

Detection of antibodies to the hepatitis C virus is the first step in determining infection. If the result is positive, additional studies may be performed to confirm the diagnosis and determine the extent of liver damage. Early detection of hepatitis C infection allows treatment to begin in the early stages, reducing the risk of developing a chronic form of the disease and preventing possible complications.

At the Sagittarius Clinic in Batumi, we perform blood tests for hepatitis C using modern equipment, providing accurate and fast results for our patients. This procedure is an important step in maintaining health and preventing liver disease.

Анализ крови на антитела к вирусу иммунодефицита человека Anti-HIV(с полоской)

Blood test for HIV in Batumi

A blood test for HIV in Batumi is an important procedure for the early diagnosis of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). A strip marker is used to ensure fast and reliable results. This test is key to early detection of HIV infection and appropriate measures to treat and control the spread of the virus.

HIV strip marker

Полосочный маркерэто метод экспресс-диагностики, позволяющий определить наличие антител к ВИЧ в крови пациента. Процедура включает в себя взятие капли крови и ее нанесение на тест-полосу, где происходит взаимодействие с вирусными антителами, если они присутствуют.

Early detection of HIV infection in Batumi

The HIV strip test provides early diagnosis of infection, allowing immediate treatment and action to protect the patient's health and prevent transmission of the virus to others. Early detection of HIV infection also improves the prognosis and quality of life of those infected.

At the Sagittarius clinic in Batumi, HIV testing is carried out using modern technologies, guaranteeing high accuracy of results and ensuring confidentiality and support for patients. This procedure is an important tool in monitoring health and preventing HIV transmission.

Анализ крови на антител к СифилисуSyphilis Ab (Анализ крови на RW, RPR)

Анализ крови на Сифилис (Syphilis Abанализ крови на RW, RPR)это комплексный тест для выявления антител к Treponema pallidum, бактерии, вызывающей сифилис. Раннее выявление этого заболевания позволяет начать лечение вовремя и предотвратить возможные осложнения.

Prostate antigen PSA test

PSA (антиген специфический для предстательной железы)анализ, используемый для раннего выявления проблем с предстательной железой, таких как рак. Этот тест особенно важен для мужчин старше 50 лет.

Stool analysis (parasitology)/Faecal exam

A stool parasite test provides information about the presence of parasitic infections in the body. This is an important test for diagnosing parasitic diseases and determining optimal treatment.

Blood clotting time analysis

This test evaluates the blood's ability to clot. Information about clotting times is important in assessing the risk of bleeding and is required for many surgical procedures.

Blood clotting test (INR)

INR is a test used to monitor the effectiveness of anticoagulant therapy. This test helps maintain optimal levels of blood clotting.

General blood test on call in Batumi

An on-call general blood test provides an opportunity to quickly obtain information about the condition of your body, assess your overall blood level and identify any abnormalities. Tests in Batumi with an on-site specialist will help you monitor your health without interrupting your business.

Blood test for erythrocyte sedimentation reaction (ERS) in Batumi

Реакция оседания эритроцитов (РСЭ)это анализ, который оценивает скорость оседания эритроцитов в пробе крови. Этот показатель может указывать на наличие воспалительных процессов в организме.

Blood test for vitamin D in Batumi

A vitamin D test measures the level of vitamin D in the body, which is important for maintaining healthy bones, the immune system and other functions.

Blood test for free fractions of thyroxine FT4

This test measures the free fraction of the hormone thyroxine in the blood, which helps evaluate thyroid function.

Analysis of alkaline phosphatase in blood cells

Assessing the level of alkaline phosphatase in blood cells can indicate the condition of the liver, bones, or other tissues.

Blood test for antibodies to thyroid peroxidase Anti-TPO

The thyroid peroxidase antibody test is part of a comprehensive assessment of thyroid function and can be used to screen for autoimmune thyroid disease.

Blood test for antibodies to thyroglobulin Anti-TG

The study of antibodies to thyroglobulin is another important element in the diagnosis of thyroid diseases.

Blood test for insulin in Batumi

Testing blood insulin levels helps evaluate pancreatic function and control blood sugar levels.

Blood test for blood type and Rh in Batumi

A blood test for blood group and Rh factor is a fundamental procedure that allows you to determine the characteristics of the patient’s blood composition. This information is not only important for medical procedures, but can also become critical in urgent situations, such as when a blood transfusion is required.

Blood type test

Группа крови классифицируется на основе наличия или отсутствия двух антигеновA и B, на поверхности красных кровяных клеток. Это позволяет выделить четыре основные группы крови: A, B, AB и O. Знание группы крови важно при подборе донорской крови, предотвращении конфликтов при трансфузиях и даже в репродуктивной медицине.

Analysis for Rh factor

Резус-факторэто еще один важный параметр, который характеризует наличие (резус-положительная) или отсутствие (резус-отрицательная) специфического антигена на поверхности красных кровяных клеток. Эта информация важна для предотвращения конфликтов резуса между матерью и плодом в период беременности.

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Blood group and Rh test in Batumi provides the necessary information to ensure the safety of medical interventions and maintain the health of patients in various scenarios. At the Sagittarius Clinic, we carry out these tests in Batumi with high accuracy using leading reagents and equipment, providing reliable results for our patients.

Blood test for 3rd iodothyronine T3

This test evaluates the level of the hormone 3rd iodothyronine in the blood, which is important for assessing overall metabolism.

Analysis of thyroxine in blood T4 in Batumi

Measuring the level of the hormone thyroxine in the blood helps assess thyroid function and overall metabolism.

Analysis of thyroid-stimulating hormone in the blood TSH

TSH is a key test for diagnosing and monitoring thyroid function.

Blood test for thyroglobulin TG

Assessing the level of thyroglobulin in the blood helps to identify and monitor the condition of the thyroid gland.

Blood test for prolactin in Batumi

Testing prolactin levels in the blood is important to assess pituitary function and breast health.

Blood test for C-peptide

C-peptide testing is used to evaluate insulin levels and can help diagnose diabetes.

Serum ferritin test

Assessing ferritin levels in the blood is important for diagnosing and monitoring iron deficiency in the body.

Total blood calcium analysis Ca++

Controlling the level of total calcium in the blood is necessary to maintain the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system, nervous system and other organs.

Blood sodium test Na+

Measuring sodium levels in the blood is necessary to assess fluid balance and maintain normal blood pressure.

Blood potassium test K+

Tests in Batumi to determine the level of potassium in the blood is important for the normal functioning of muscles, nerves and heart.

Test for magnesium in blood Mg

Magnesium is important for maintaining normal muscle, nerve and heart function. Determining its level in the blood helps to monitor its presence in the body.

Iron blood test

Testing iron levels in the blood is important for diagnosing anemia and monitoring overall health.

Analysis of antistreptolysin O in the blood

The antistreptolysin O test is performed to detect antibodies that may indicate a previous streptococcal infection.

Анализ амилазы(ɑ–amilaze)

Testing amylase levels in the blood is used to assess pancreatic function and diagnose diseases of the digestive system.

Determination of glucose in blood and blood serum (blood sugar test on an analyzer)

This analysis is a key element in assessing glucose levels in the body, playing an important role in the diagnosis and monitoring of sugar metabolism. Conducted using modern analyzers, this method provides high accuracy and speed of results, which is especially important for effective control of blood sugar levels.

Глюкозаосновный источник энергии для клеток организма, и ее концентрация в крови тесно связана с общим состоянием здоровья. Определение глюкозы на анализаторе позволяет быстро получить точные данные о уровне сахара, что необходимо для диагностики диабета, контроля эффективности лечения и поддержания оптимального здоровья пациента.

Determination of the total amount of triglycerides in the blood

Assessing the level of triglycerides in the blood is important for diagnosing and monitoring the state of lipid metabolism and the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Test for direct bilirubin in blood serum

Прямой билирубинэто один из ключевых показателей функции печени и желчевыводящих путей. Анализ помогает в оценке обмена билирубина в организме.

Анализ крови на прямой билирубинAST (аспартатаминотрансфераза)

AST (аспартатаминотрансфераза)это фермент, который может участвовать в обмене билирубина. Определение его уровня в сыворотке крови важно для диагностики заболеваний печени и желчевыводящих путей.

Анрализ крови на аланинаминотрансферазуALT

ALT (аланинаминотрансфераза)еще один фермент, чье повышение уровня в сыворотке крови может свидетельствовать о повреждении печени. Анрализ крови на аланинаминотрансферазу (ALT) важен для оценки здоровья печени и выявления патологий.

Laboratory tests in Batumi

These laboratory tests in Batumi provide important information about the health of the body. The Sagittarius Clinic in Batumi provides highly accurate results of these and many other studies, providing patients with comprehensive medical care. Telephone number for making an appointment for tests in Batumi: 557779797.