Iran attacks US military base in Jordan

Iran attacks US military base in Jordan

Recent events in the Middle East are of grave concern to the international community. Iran attacked a US military base in Jordan, which led to the death of three American soldiers. President Joe Biden's administration is actively considering the possibility of retaliatory measures against Iran. This became the subject of worldwide media attention, including Bloomberg.

In the context of these events, the Biden administration believes it is necessary to respond more forcefully than has previously been done in response to other incidents in the region, including the Hamas attack on Israel. Possible actions could include both military operations and possible sanctions against Iranian officials responsible for the incident.

Biden's most important decision as US President

The decision to launch a military operation in Iran will be one of the most important for Biden during his presidency. It will be aimed at punishing those responsible for the attack and at the same time deterring Iran from further provocations in the region.

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However, such a decision could also lead to direct confrontation between the United States and Tehran's leadership, adding even more unrest to an already tense situation in the region.

Six US Air Force refueling aircraft have already headed to the Middle East.

According to reports, six tanker aircraft have already headed from the US towards the Middle East. This indicates serious preparations for possible actions in the region. Potential US Air Force strikes are expected to target Iran, given that there are no other major threats requiring similar attention and response.

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Стоит отметить, что обе стороныкак американская, так и иранскаядемонстрируют готовность к эскалации конфликта. При этом как президент Байден, так и верховный аятолла Хаменеи являются людьми пожилого возраста, что придает этой ситуации дополнительное напряжение и значимость.

Iran puts its armed forces on alert

Iran, in turn, is also putting its armed forces on alert, which indicates the seriousness of the situation.

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Given the current circumstances, strikes could begin in the coming days, which creates additional challenges for the international community and emphasizes the need to resolve the conflict.

The US will respond to Iran – Biden

“We will answer”, – заявил Байден после гибели американских военнослужащих США на Ближнем Востоке. Это первый случай гибели американских военнослужащих от вражеского огня на Ближнем Востоке с начала войны в секторе Газа.