Russia, China and Iran are present in Irish waters

Russia, China and Iran are present in Irish waters

Россия, Китай и Иран присутствует в водах Ирландии и могут представлять угрозу для Великобритании через ирландский “back door”, предостерегает think tank Policy Exchange. The Policy Exchange report highlights the seriousness of the security threat and accuses Dublin of neglecting European defence.

Согласно доклада этого аналитического центра, Великобритания столкнулась со “hidden” угрозой безопасности из-за присутствия российских, китайских и иранских сил в Ирландских территориальных водах. Аналитики обвиняют Дублин в “frivolity” в вопросах европейской обороны.

Growing Russian threat in Irish territorial waters

According to the center Policy Exchange, The UK should strengthen its air and naval presence in Northern Ireland to deter the growing Russian threat in Irish territorial waters. The report is supported by two former UK defense secretaries, Michael Fallon and George Robertson.

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Britain and Ireland face “acute maritime threat” из-за российской стратегии нападения на подводные кабели и трубопроводы, а также из-за присутствия российских военных кораблей.

В докладе также выражена обеспокоенность российскими разведывательными операциями в Ирландии и уязвимостью перед кибератаками, упоминая “excessively large” российское дипломатическое представительство в Дублине.

Great activity of Russian intelligence services in Ireland

In 2022, the Russian Embassy in Dublin employed 30 staff - more than in many other European countries. This demonstrates the great activity of the Russian intelligence services in Ireland.

China poses another serious threat to UK security

China poses another serious threat to UK security due to its rapid technological advancement and global influence.

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MI5 Director General, Ken McCallum, noted that Iran is often linked to terrorism. Last year, UK authorities identified at least 10 potential threats involving the kidnapping or harm of people living in the UK whom the Iranian regime considers enemies.

Ireland needs to reconsider its military neutrality

Center report Policy Exchange stresses that Ireland needs investment from other NATO countries and Ireland needs to reconsider its military neutrality. Fallon and Lord Robertson welcome Ireland's review of its defense policy and call on the UK to help Ireland strengthen its defence.

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Concerns have been raised about the possible impact of Sinn Féin's victory in the 2025 Irish elections. The party is on the rise in the Republic, but its position has weakened in opinion polls south of the border.

Greater defense cooperation between the UK and Ireland is needed

Overall, the report Policy Exchange calls for a stronger response to the threats posed by Russia, China and Iran through Ireland, as well as a review of neutrality and strengthened defense cooperation between the UK and Ireland.