Best electronics stores in Batumi

Best electronics stores in Batumi

Imagine the situation: you just arrived in Batumi (for vacation or permanent residence, it doesn’t matter), you rented an apartment, checking with the owner in advance whether it has a gas/electric stove, oven, TV, whether there is Internet and WIFI in the house, etc. d. You will need the best electronics stores in Batumi.

Now you have clarified all the details, making sure that the rented accommodation has everything you need for life (at least for the first time). The next morning you go to the kitchen when you suddenly discover that there is no kettle in the house. Well, okay, you can do without tea.

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After breakfast, you are getting ready to go for a walk, looking for suitable clothes that have become noticeably wrinkled during transportation in your suitcase. It would be nice to pet her, but with what? The owner warned you that you will have to buy the iron yourself.

Of course, you were ready for the fact that you would have to buy some household appliances for your home. There are often cases when there is no Internet in an apartment, so residents acquire a Wi-Fi router.

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After several months of living in a new place (at best, this does not happen immediately, but in our case it was so), you will definitely need to visit a local electrical store.

Where to buy a laptop, headphones, printer in Batumi?

Therefore, especially for those who have recently settled in Batumi and have absolutely no idea where to buy missing household appliances, a new phone, charger, camera, etc., we will share with you our list of stores, with a brief description of the range of goods, quality of service and other interesting details (+ photos of the store).

Alta electronics store

Electronics store Alta Okay
Electronics store Alta Okay

Store website:

This store takes first place in our Top. This is probably the most popular electronics retail chain in Georgia. In addition to Batumi and Tbilisi, Alta also has branches in the cities of Rustavi, Gori and Kutaisi.

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Shop Alta on Chavchavadze Street 31. As for the store itself, inside it is a spacious room with several section halls, each of which represents a separate category of goods. Alta electronics stores are in no way inferior to the Ukrainian Foxtrot and the Russian Technopark.

A nice feature for modern users is that all techno-new items appear here a few weeks after the start of global sales. For example, a week after the release of the iPhone 11, it was already possible to purchase the sensational smartphone in Alta stores.

As for the assortment, here you will find almost everything, from household appliances (kettles, irons, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, blenders) to professional equipment (digital cameras, microphones, home theater systems) in company with the devices we are familiar with for everyday use (smartphones, laptops and desktop computers, speakers, headphones, gaming peripherals) and much more.

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All products have a certificate of authenticity, a user manual from the manufacturer, and very often a warranty card (be sure to check the availability of a warranty before purchasing any equipment).

Elit Electronics store in Batumi

Elit Electronics store in Batumi
Elit Electronics store in Batumi

Store website:

Another incredibly large retail chain, with branches located literally throughout Georgia. If we talk about Batumi, there are two stores here. The first is on Gorgiladze Street 94 (large store), the second is at Chavchavadze 78/88 (this store is smaller).

Elit Electronics They helped me out more than once not only in questions regarding the purchase of equipment, but also in some user issues. I would like to note that the staff at Elit Electronics stores seemed more qualified and experienced to me, so the help of a consultant was always helpful.

If you need to cut a SIM card in Batumi (new smartphone models often have a nano SIM slot), then you can safely contact a consultant in the store, he will adjust your card to the desired size in a matter of seconds. Another plus is that after the purchase, an employee will definitely offer you to set up your new device in the store so that you don’t have any difficulties and don’t waste your time on it.

The assortment in the Elit Electronics store is practically no different from the Alta assortment, however, there is much more product in Alta stores, and new models appear on the shelves a little later.

Electronics store Zoommer in Batumi

Electronics store Zoommer in Batumi
Electronics store Zoommer in Batumi

Store website:

Zoommer stores located in several cities of Georgia, including Batumi. They are not so noticeable against the background of large electronic markets, the same can be said about the products presented here. Perhaps the main store in Tbilisi boasts an abundance of equipment of various types, but Zoommer stores in our city have a rather modest assortment.

Of course, the quality and authenticity of the goods is beyond any doubt, but the prices here are higher, it is not clear what this is connected with.

Electrical engineering presented in Zoommer can be divided into the following categories:

  • Cell phones,
  • laptops,
  • tablets,
  • audio equipment,
  • mobile accessories,
  • photo and video technology,

One of the Zoommer stores in Batumi is located in the Carrefour supermarket (Tbel Abuseridze Street).

Megatechnica in Batumi

Store website:

This store can be described as "a little bit of everything." Branches in all cities of Georgia, good service, all kinds of household appliances, constant discounts and promotions - all this is about Megatechnica stores.

The only negative is that there are not many truly modern products, such as flagship smartphone models and newfangled wireless headphones.

This is rather “old school” electronics and household appliances, for example, for a washing machine, dishwasher, stove or microwave, you can safely go to the Megatechnica store in Batumi.

One of these stores operates in Batumi on Zurab Gorgiladze Street 91.

Купить или починить компьютерEVG в Батуми

Buy or repair a computer - EVG store in Batumi
Buy or repair a computer - EVG store in Batumi

Store website:

And finally - the “cherry on the cake”. A modest little shop with great opportunities on the corner (address: Chavchavadze Street 66).

EVG cannot be called a full-fledged electrical equipment store, since here you can only buy a laptop, accessories and headsets for it, as well as various tools and “stuffing” for upgrading your work device, office equipment.

If your computer starts to break down, its performance deteriorates, or you simply want to expand its memory, come to EVG. Here you will be advised and the necessary repair work will be carried out. I had to leave my laptop here while the specialists put a hard drive in it and cleaned it.

When you leave the device for repair, you will be given a receipt indicating what repair work will be carried out on it, what additional materials will be used, etc. You will be notified during the day when you can pick up your computer. Payment is made upon receipt.

“suspicious shops” in Batumi

In Batumi, on every street you can count approximately 2-3 “suspicious shops” selling contraband equipment at lower prices than in chain markets. This may seem like a good deal to you.

But, in most cases, they sell those goods that they purchased several years ago, so you can forget about the warranty. You will be very lucky if the smartphone purchased from such a “shop” lasts more than a year. Moreover, pay attention, we are talking about new equipment, and no matter how the seller assures you, you cannot be 100% sure of its quality.

Advice to you: if you have the opportunity to buy a product from a trusted seller (in our case, these are the above-mentioned stores), who directly cooperates with the manufacturer and can, in the event of a product malfunction, request compensation for losses/free service under a warranty card, etc., then choose more reliable option.

In any case, the price of a product in a chain market does not differ too much from the price at a reseller, so it is better to choose a responsible store than to take risks and buy a “pig in a poke.”

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