Northern Lights in Batumi November 5, 2023 video

Northern Lights in Batumi November 5, 2023 video

The Northern Lights in Batumi occurred on November 5, 2023. This is a unique phenomenon in the latitudes of Adjara. Previously, the northern lights had never been observed in Batumi in the entire history of meteorological observations.

Видео северного сияния в Батуми 5 ноября 2023оригинальные кадры

Северное сияние, также известное как Аврора, это феномен наблюдаемого свечения в небесах близ полярных регионов. Оно возникает благодаря взаимодействию солнечных частиц, в основном электронов и протонов, с атмосферой Земли. Северное сияние обычно наблюдается в северных широтах и называетсясевернымсиянием, в то время как аналогичный феномен, наблюдаемый в южном полушарии, называетсяюжнымсиянием или aurora australis.

The process of formation of the northern lights in Batumi

The process of formation of the northern lights is associated with the Earth's magnetosphere and solar wind. The solar wind carries electrically charged particles that, when they interact with the Earth's magnetic field, are directed near the poles. Here, electrons and protons in the atmosphere collide with and excite atoms and molecules, mainly oxygen and nitrogen.

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When excited atoms and molecules return to lower energy states, they emit light. This light typically comes in different colors, including green, red, blue and purple, depending on the types of atoms and molecules involved. These glows create beautiful and mystical light effects in the sky that can be seen during the night in the polar regions.

The Northern Lights are one of the most impressive natural phenomena on our planet and attract many tourists and photographers from all over the world to see this amazing spectacle.