Georgia received EU candidate status

Georgia received EU candidate status

European Commission положительно оценивает достигнутые Грузией результаты и рекомендует Европейскому совету предоставить Грузии статус кандидата в члены ЕС”, – говорится в сообщении Еврокомиссии.

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Events that stand out on Georgia's path to integration with the European Union. It is important to note that the situation may have changed and new events may have occurred since my last update in January 2022.

2014: Association Agreement with the EU

In June 2014, Georgia signed an Association Agreement with the European Union, underscoring the country's desire to deepen relations with the EU.

2017: Visa regime with the EU

In March 2017, a visa-free regime between Georgia and the Schengen countries came into force, facilitating the movement of citizens and helping to strengthen ties.

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2018: Eastern Partnership Strategy

In April 2018, the European Commission presented a new Eastern Partnership strategy, within which Georgia is considered a key partner.

2020: Crisis and EU support

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and political events within Georgia, the European Union expressed support for the country and called for continued reforms to move closer to European standards.

2021: Reforms and progress assessment

Georgia continued internal reforms aimed at strengthening democracy, the rule of law, and economic development. The European Commission regularly assessed progress and supported the country in this process.

2023: Georgia received EU candidate status