Rains in Adjara - two people died

Rains in Adjara - two people died

The recent heavy rains in Adjara brought with them not only floods, but also landslides, leaving behind sad consequences. The disaster left two people dead and many homes and roads severely damaged.

In the village of Tsoniarisi, in the territory of the Keda municipality (mountainous Adjara), a policeman became the victim of a landslide. A landslide hit a law enforcement officer’s house from the mountainside, resulting in the death of the policeman. The landslide was triggered by heavy rains in Adjara on February 05-06, 2024. Another tragedy occurred in the village of Thilvana (Khulo), where a woman aged 60 died under the rubble of an avalanche.

The consequences of rains in Adjara are felt in many areas

The latest rains in Adjara have been felt in many areas: landslides have damaged houses, roads, and disrupted the operation of power lines. The Department of Highways is actively working to clear roads to ensure safe traffic on the region's roads.

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The mountainous terrain of Adjara faced heavy snowfall, which reached a height of up to 2 meters in some settlements of the Khulo municipality. Power and internet blackouts left some areas isolated and schools were forced to temporarily close classes.

In the village of Kvemo Thilvana, an avalanche demolished a residential building

In the village of Kvemo Thilvana, an avalanche demolished a residential building

In the village Quemo Thilvana an avalanche demolished a residential building where a 60-year-old woman was located. Her death was another poignant reminder of the destructive power of natural disasters that can cause serious damage to human life and property. Authorities continue to work to help those affected by rains in Adjara and mudflows and avalanches in mountainous areas.

How often do mudflows and heavy rains occur in Adjara?

Mudflows and rains in Adjara, as in other mountainous regions, can occur depending on climatic conditions and seasonal changes. But this frequency is affected by global climate change. In winter, when the snow cover reaches several meters, sudden warming can occur, which leads to extreme floods.

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During heavy rains, especially in spring and autumn, when dense snow begins to melt, the likelihood of showers and mudflows increases. These natural disasters can be caused by various factors, including intense rainfall, changes in terrain, and the geology of the region.

Although such events are not uncommon in mountainous areas, they tend to occur in specific areas and may be associated with specific weather conditions. However, the magnitude and intensity of rains and mudflows in Adjara can vary, and increasingly they lead to serious consequences for the lives and property of residents of mountainous areas.