Russia blocks GPS in Europe, preparing for war with NATO

Russia blocks GPS in Europe, preparing for war with NATO

The situation in the Baltic region is becoming increasingly tense as there is increased interference with satellite navigation systems, reports Martin Herem. According to him, in 2023 these interferences became more noticeable, and in January 2024 they were especially felt from Finland to Poland and the Black Sea region. This shows that Russia is blocking GPS in Europe in preparation for war with NATO.

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Martin Herem said the source of this interference is likely to be Russia, which is believed to be testing and training in the event of a possible conflict in the region. Previously, the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed that it had conducted exercises to disrupt radio and satellite signals in Kaliningrad.

Sweden and Finland announced an investigation into GPS blocking in Europe

Estonian defense officials noted that interference could also be caused by ships in the Baltic Sea. In December, Polish authorities warned pilots of possible disruptions, and Sweden and Finland said they were investigating Russia's GPS blocking in Europe.

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It should be noted that Russia has experience jamming GPS signals in Northern Europe and could use electronic warfare to thwart potential drone attacks. This experience has been demonstrated not only in Ukraine and the Baltics, but also in other regions.

Russia's GPS blocking poses a threat to civil air travel

With Russia's increased activity in the European region, European aviation officials met last week to discuss the issue, given that Russian GPS blocking poses a critical threat to civil air travel.

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The media are increasingly reporting on the possibility of Russia starting a war with NATO countries in the future, which emphasizes the seriousness of the situation in the region and requires the attention of the world community.