The largest cyberattack in the United States in history

The largest cyberattack in the United States in history

In mid-December 2020, US authorities announced the most extensive penetration of hackers into US government IT systems. The largest cyberattack in the United States in history made it possible for hackers to take possession of all secret and working documents of US government agencies, as well as a number of American and global companies.

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The presence of strangers in its networks was first discovered by a company specializing in data protection. FireEye. Именно они отследили, каким образом в достаточно защищенной сети самихловцов хакеров, появились посторонние наблюдатели.

How did you manage to hack the US government IT system?

Как удалось взломать государственную IT систему США? Все дело в программе обмена документами и почтойOrion, которую и атаковали русские хакеры. Злоумышленники под видом главного сервера ORION разослали обновления для всех клиентов данного сервиса. Это обновление было троянским конем для получения полного доступа к информации по документообороту компаний.

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But the biggest problem for the United States is that it is this system that US government agencies use to transfer working documentation, including secret ones. It is unknown what part of the documents became compromised.

This attack could have given Russia access to the vast majority of documents that provide information on both foreign and domestic policies of the United States. The attackers operated undetected for approximately nine months.

US response to cyber attack

The Donald Trump administration commented on the large-scale cyber attack. But the reaction turned out to be contradictory.

US authorities blame Russian intelligence hackers and group Cozy Bear. The Kremlin, as is its custom, denies everything, citing Russophobia.

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Эти действия могут быть причиной вводасанций из Адапри следующей администрации Джо Байденапакета документов, которые могут экономически изолировать РФ от всего Мира.

Watch the White House's reaction in the video report Voices of America :

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