Explosives were transported from Ukraine to the Russian Federation via Georgia

Explosives were transported from Ukraine to the Russian Federation via Georgia

В рамках оперативных мероприятий контр-террористического центра Грузии было обнаружено и конфисковано шесть специальных взрывных устройств и 14 килограммов взрывчатых веществ, предназначенных для провоза через Грузию в Российскую Федерацию. Согласно отчету службы безопасности, данная партия была доставлена из Одессы (Украина) через несколько стран, включая Румынию, Болгарию и Турцию, и планировалась для экспорта, в том числе в российский город Воронеж, через пункт пропуска “Sarpy”. В расследовании участвовали аккумуляторы, предназначенные для электромобилей, в качестве контейнеров. Несколько лиц везли взрывчатку из Украины в РФ через Грузию.

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A special demining group seized explosive devices and substances, which were sent for examination to the Forensic Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. To conceal the investigative actions, the containers were returned to their original condition and disguised so as not to disclose information to customers and performers. The main goal of the investigation was to identify the persons involved, as well as the routes and targets of the use of explosive devices.

Military polymer super-stable explosive S-4 discovered in Georgia

It turned out that the explosive devices contain military polymer ultra-stable explosive C-4, which can be activated using an electric detonator and a timer. The devices were found to be equipped with electronic timers programmed to automatically explode. According to the investigation, these explosive devices were to be used on the territory of the belligerent aggressor state, and were only moved covertly across the territory of Georgia. The group of people did not plan to commit any subversive actions on the territory of Georgia.

The process of transporting explosive devices through Georgia was organized by a Georgian – citizen of Ukraine

Based on the results of a preliminary study, it was revealed that all devices were manufactured by a highly qualified specialist and are designed for a wide damage radius. The Counter-Terrorism Center of Georgia established that the process of organizing and transporting explosive devices was organized by a citizen of Ukraine, a candidate for deputy of the local council of the Odessa region.

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Сотрудники службы безопасности Грузии выявили, что к преступлению причастны граждане Грузии, Украины и Армении. Расследование ведется по статьям УК, связанным с незаконным обращением с взрывчатыми веществами и подготовкой террористических актов. Но так, как эти действия скорее всего не планировались на территории Грузиистатью о подготовкой террористических актов могут переквалифицировать.

Let us recall that the truck with 31 tons of hexagen, which first destroyed the Crimean bridge in the summer of 2022, was traveling from Bulgaria to Crimea through the territory of Georgia. SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) called it unique and one of the most daring and successful military special operations of our time. Not a single Georgian citizen was harmed as a result of this special operation!

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