China deploys long-range missiles near South Korea

China deploys long-range missiles near South Korea

China has deployed YJ-62 long-range anti-ship missiles near South Korea. According to observers Naval News, China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) has deployed YJ-62 ground-launched anti-ship missiles in Shandong province, close to North Korea. These missiles, introduced into the Chinese army's arsenal back in the 2000s, have significant destructive power and can cause serious damage to ships weighing up to 3,000 tons.

China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) deployed YJ-62 anti-ship missiles
The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) has deployed a battalion of YJ-62 anti-ship missiles

Exercises conducted during the deployment allowed the brigade to demonstrate the effectiveness and readiness of four WS2400 launchers, each equipped with three YJ-62 missiles, as well as one command and control vehicle.

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Although the YJ-62 missiles are not cutting-edge weapons, their strategic placement is generating interest in the international community. The previous deployment of these complexes was closer to Taiwan, however, moving them to the borders of North Korea indicates a change in Chinese strategy.

China flexes its muscles on the Korean Peninsula - World News
Китай играет мускулами на Корейском полуостровеМировые Новости

China “играет мускуламина Корейском полуострове

Аналитики обращают внимание на это как на реакцию Китая на увеличение числа ракетных пусков Северной Кореей. Этот шаг также может быть показателем, что Китайиграет мускуламина Корейском полуострове в ответ на перспективу конфликта.

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What are YJ-62 anti-ship missiles

YJ-62 missiles, medium-range turbojet anti-ship systems, pose a serious threat to military and civilian ships within a radius of 500 kilometers. The YJ-62's ability to carry 450 kilograms of high-explosive, armor-piercing warheads and rapid deployment have made it a key element in China's strategy to maintain its military pressure in the region.